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ARK: Survival Evolved


The Steam link and voting page can be found <<here>> Offers:
- Dedicated Server
- No lag
- High performance
- Regular Backups.
- Teamspeak 3 with private channels for every member of our community on request

Server Config:
- TheIsland.ark (Default)
- Max Player Level 201
- x15 Gather
- x15 Taming, Mating, Hatching and Maturation
- x15 EXP
- Full Difficulty

Please feel free to join Teamspeak @

Please feel free to donate:


  1. What`s up with the server? It have not been online for 13 hours or so just wondering :)

    Best regards
    Ask [Oh Mamma!]

  2. What is the server not open

  3. What is going on they server has been down for a day now? :)

  4. Cmoon brooo, where’s the server?

  5. Hi! I keep getting timed out from your server? I was flying about and suddenly got dc’ed.
    In-game name is Jane from the Floating Water Balloon tribe. Pls help

    • Hi Aidan,
      Thanks for your reply. I do apologise for this there was an issue with the update earlier and this caused a port conflict. We have to restart all servers.

      Everything should be as normal now.


  6. Hi, my name is Kasper I have a tribe name Cookie someone placed alot of stone foundations so our metal at our mountain can’t spawn and we can’t do anything about it can you help us the tribe who placed it is Lonely Rangers

  7. Hi Eurymachus
    Do you have a time that the server will be up again?

  8. The server is not up its been 5 hours?

  9. RIP Server :( 2 hours and im bored as f

  10. Fix your server or else your going to loose alot of players

  11. Losing me if the server isnt up in about 4hours :/

  12. What’s with all the server downtime?

  13. Server is Down Again can you fix it?

  14. Server is down agian


  16. Server is down again??? Come on guys, its freaking frustrating thats its down all the time….Pls get it fixed :/

  17. Its been over 24 hours now :/ Pls get it fixed, its really anoying, not to be able to get on the server. :(
    RIP server!!!

  18. Hi!

    Me and my friend have a problem here on your server.

    We Was wondering if you/admin could help us!



  19. Did the server got wiped or just crashed?

  20. Hi, is there someway to make Dinos lay more eggs?

  21. The server is down.

  22. Hello there, just wondering when the server will be up again, its been 18 hours now :/

  23. For how long is this server usually down?

  24. 34 hours has passed now >_> gain’ a little tired of waiting :(

  25. Best Slimevoid server runners

    i want to know why your keeping the server off cause i have my base in your server and i like it but i can’t play it.. so can you please turn it on????????

  26. Plz turn carry flying off

  27. Why is the server down?
    I have 2 agry on wandering, too breed..

  28. Why is the server every time offline?

  29. plz Update the non modded server

  30. Dont u want to update the Server? :D

  31. Hey there,

    Your ARK server has been down for 3 full days now.
    Would you mind letting us know whats up with your server?

    I would like to keep playing on your server.


  32. I have been playing this server for about a week now, and i wanted to hatch an argy egg. It took over three hours to hatch then it wouldve taken about 5 days to mature but it died. I would rally like it if this could be made so hatching is quicker.

  33. I need help asap.
    You dont answer me here.
    pls replay to my message, i cant find the admin.

  34. when will the server be back online

  35. Can there be a wipe cause there is loads of demolisheble houses

  36. When will server be bk up and is there cross ark travel so could use the other server ???

  37. Hello when will the server be back online? Or is it off for good? Thanks

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