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BomberMine Gameplay

Round System

    When a round start, every player starts with a standard bomb.  When a player dies is becomes spectator and need to wait the round end that occurs when one or less player is alive or in a specified time limit.


    Bombs are the main weapon, there are multiple type of bombs that you can acquire as power ups. You start each round with a single standard bomb.

Standard Bomb

A bomb that explode in four directions (as in BomberMan) a few seconds after being placed. It destroys all blocks except Bedrock but it stops the explosion in this line. Also one shot of this bomb kill a player. When this bomb explode, the player that placed it get back a standard bomb.

Ice Bomb

This bomb has the same properties as the standard bomb except that it doesn’t kill player, don’t break blocks, isn’t given back and transform the ground in ice.


Fire Bomb

This bomb has the same properties as the standard bomb except that is doesn’t break block, isn’t given back and leaves fire that kills players. Fire disappears soon after and destroy ice leaving holes.


 Laser Bomb

This bomb explode when a player cross the laser it emits in all four directions. Anyways it can be triggered by another explosion.


Power Ups

    In order to win you will need to gather a good amount of power ups. Power ups appears when a block is destroyed and some Power ups are more likely to appears than other.

When a player dies, he drops all the power ups he gathered.


This power ups is one of the more frequents. It is simply a power boost, that’s mean that your bombs explode one block further.    

Extra bomb

This power up is also one of the more frequents. It gives you an extra standard bomb allowing you to place multiple bomb at the same time to make huge explosions.  

Laser Bomb

This one gives you a laser bomb.      

Ice Bomb

This one gives you an ice bomb.    

Fire Bomb

This one gives you a fire bomb.    


It’s the only “bad” power up, it makes you walk slower.    


A power up that makes you walk faster.




This is the rarest power up and often the stronger. With this power up your explosions aren’t anymore stopped by walls.


Scoring System

In theory the total of all scores always equals to zero but it could be wrong if a player disconnect. Normal points = 100pts Sucide points = 400pts   For example player A kills player B.

  • A wins 100 pts
  • B looses 100pts
Kills points are shared between all kill’s actors if the kill is made by a chain of bombs. For example the Bomb of player A that triggers the bomb of player B that kills player C.
  • A wins 50pts (0.5 * 100)
  • B wins 50pts (0.5 * 100)
  • C looses 100pts
Suicide points are shared between alive players. For example player C suicides while players A and B are alive.
  • A wins 200pts (0.5 * 400)
  • B wins 200pts (0.5 * 400)
  • C looses 400pts