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BomberMine is our first Gamemode : instead of simply adding things to Minecraft it modifies the whole purpose of Minecraft, its goals, its gameplay and mechanisms… You don’t play in top view so we can say that BomberMine is kind of a mix between Minecraft and BomberMan such as the name suggests.

It is based on a one map by round loop system where each player have a score. This gamemode doesn’t provide a solo mode. As in BomberMan, the goal is to survive and kill other player with bombs  in a Free For All game. To achieve that, you have access to various Bomb Type and Power Up, be sure to use them carefully. At anytime in a game you can view the players ranking with TAB key and the best players on the Podium ingame (free tips : disturb your enemies by sneaking when you are on the podium!).