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LittleBlocks ChangeLog

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– Implemented all Little Wand Features

- Full compatibility with Project Red and many many other mods

- Use ‘Destroy Mode’ on Little Wand to remove Project Red Placed blocks, and any other blocks that wont budge when you try to destroy them

-Please note that you may NOT get your items back after placing them (especially in Project Red), this is due to the non-standard way in which block removal is handled as a special case within the code of those mods.

– Compatibility with Optifine
– Migrated to 1.6.2
– Compatibility with Optifine
– Migrated to 1.5.2

– Migrated to 1.4.7 – Unrestriced TileEntity Placement – WARNING – has a tendency to Crash if placing certain modded tile entities, only place if absolutely necessary (Test placement crash logs are welcome)
Major Update – Update to 1.4.6 – LittleBlocks T?ile contents now spawns a LittleChest full of the content when destroyed in smp – Fixed rendering issues causing Tessellator crashes – Made non-optifine rendering much more efficient – (Finally) Fixed the Piston Orientation issue. Pistons are now fully operational and orient themselves correctly when placed as a LittleBlock Content Addition – Major Addition (Major future implementations planned) – Special LittleBlock Tool addition – This tool will have more features to come – Currently only supported in Creative mode (and thus no recipe exists) – Added Special Tool ability to Copy existing LittleBlock Tiles (Awesome right!!) – Placement position is highlighted with a funky pulsing quad, no real texture as of yet, but looks fun! Smaller fixes – Packet code cleanup – All LittleBlock placement checks now happen server side to prevent conflicts – Redstone fully tested and operational – Fixed some notify on neighbor change issues – Cleaned up Render code
Major Fixes – Fixed LittleWorld to RealWorld Redstone bug – Fixed BlockTick halting Bug – Fixed Redstone Repeater Update bug (Due to MC changes) – Fixed Redstone Torch Update bug – Fixed Redstone Torch Burnout issue Enchanments – Added 1/8 Explosions (Can’t change TNT entity size) – Added Debug Logging information into World Class files – You can now find LoggerLittleBlocks.log information in the .minecraft folder Updates – Update for Latest Recommended Forge build.
- Compatibility with Minecraft 1.4.5
- Compatibility with Minecraft 1.4.4
- Fixed world time Blocks Update bug – Blocks Updates packets efficiency
- Fixed Block Updates issues – Removed client version check
- Compatibility with OptiFine – added
- Migration to Forge – Compatibility with 1.3.2 – Redstone upgrade for SMP – Compatibility with other mod’s customs blocks
- Server side optimized. (less overflows)
- Compatibility with Minecraft 1.2.5 
- Compatibility with Minecraft 1.2.3 
- SMP partial support (everything may not work: pistons, chests, signs…) – Better compatibility with OptiFine. – Fixed some glitches with Unbelievable Shaders.
- Support Optifine. – Fixed RedTorch + Repeater 
- Compatibility with Minecraft 1.1
- Tile Entities are now works (chests, signs, pistons…). – Sound are now works. – Some light fixes.
- Destroying water, crops or bed doesn’t make the game crash anymore. – Little Blocks doesn’t glow in the dark anymore. – Little Blocks bounds are similar as normal ones.
- Compatibility with Minecraft 1.0.0 
- Little blocks now renders in negatives coordinates. – Placing Tile entities into little blocks is now forbidden, no more crash. – Leaving a world and entering another do not cause all Little Blocks to become non-functional anymore. 
- Left click in creative now break only the little block. – Little Blocks aren’t breakable until they are empty. – Support for RedStone (but use torches to convert from normal redstone to little redstone and from little redstone to normal redstone). – All blocks render as if they were normal but smaller (Ambient Occlusion, support for levers…). – A lot of render optimization. – SMP broken (we need to make the compression work to make SMP work ).
- Support for metadata (wool color, trees…). – Fixed render for steps. – Render optimization.
- Fixed crash when launching the game .
- First release.

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