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SlimeVoid Enters back into the Twittersphere

Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in News | 3,349 comments

Hi all,

Thanks all for your support!

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Back in the wonderfull world of Minecraft-modding !

Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in DevBlogs, LBMDevBlog | 3,339 comments

Hey everyone,


After a long breakin my social and private life (yes I have one), I’m back in the development of Slimevoid’s mods.

I made some changes to the website, it seems to me more “clear” like that. The forum is less bugged and categories updates.


To put me in the bath of code, I added a small feature to LittleBlocks: you can now set in the configuration file a list of illegal blocks.

In the coming days I will look on the optimization and stability of LittleBlocks multiplayer. Besides that another small mod is in development, but you will know more again later!


I also want to publicly thank Eurymachus days for updating the mods all the time, you did a great job!

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Short Dev Update

Posted by on Apr 28, 2013 in LBMDevBlog | 2,645 comments

LittleBlocks for MC 1.5.1 is almost ready. Just a few spots to iron out but preliminary QA is very positive.


I know some of you have been waiting a while for this update and thank you for your patience. It’s been difficult balancing my various responsibilities but I finally had time a few weeks ago to crack down and get LittleBlocks migrated.


I’m sure you’re looking forward to playing LittleBlocks as much as I am, along with the Gullivers Mod from UncleMion, which we will be vigorously testing for UM to get the most out of both mods.


LB Update within the next 7 days!!

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SlimeVoid to procure Wireless Redstone

Posted by on Apr 26, 2013 in News | 732 comments

Hello Everybody,

While you’re all eagerly awaiting the update to LittleBlocks I thought I’d take a moment to mention some very big news.


As you might be aware, Ali4z has stepped down as Producer and Senior Developer of the famous Wireless Redstone Mod, while this is sad news for the Modding community, fear not, SlimeVoid is here to take up the mantle and hopefully continue on the great work of Ali4z.


Eurymachus has been working alongside Ali4z for almost 2 years heavily involved in the development of the mod and migration over to Minecraft Forge. This is the main reason Ali4z chose to hand over the project to SlimeVoid, it was the most logical choice for continued development and consistency with the mod.


Ali has and will still remain an integral voice in the direction of the Wireless Redstone mod and he will remain a Consultant in the Development, however ownership and distribution has been handed over to SlimeVoid.


We hope you will all be sad to see Ali leave and equally happy to see us continue his great project.

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It’s Christmas isn’t it?

Posted by on Dec 25, 2012 in News | 988 comments

To everyone that uses our mods, to everyone who support us,

The Slime Void team and I whould like to wish you a Merry Christmas! And what’s the better way to do it? A huge Little Blocks update with some new content and a LOT of fixies!

Have a nice day :)

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Migration from private SVN to GIT

Posted by on Nov 17, 2012 in News | 912 comments


For those interested, we decided to migrate our sources mods from our private SVN to GIT, making them OpenSource.
[GITHUB SlimeVoid]  Of course, the mods will still release on the website as an archive to facilitate the download and installation.

We are also migrating our mods to Forge using Eurycore.


Have a good day =)

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Small update on Sokoban

Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in DevBlogs | 727 comments

We made a small update on Sokoban:
- Adding sound
- Alteration of models
- Added a small panel with
- Detection of the focus of the game

We believe that the levels (we are not the authors) are a little too hard at the beginning … If you know of collections fun and not too difficult, do not hesitate to let us know :)

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