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New website section : Games

Posted by on Nov 11, 2012 in News | 2,275 comments

We’ve just opened a new section on our website : Games.
We’ll put there little games we make for fun, the first one is a simple Sokoban .

Have Fun :)

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Some news about LBM

Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in LBMDevBlog | 1,800 comments

To place or not to place, whether we are mining for resources or building grand designs, the question still remains: Do I do it here, there, over-there, everywhere?

Anyway enough of my ranting!

HELLO! I’m Eurymachus one of the (new) senior developers here at SlimeVoid a ‘manager’ if you will of all things moddy and minecrafty within our little community. I’m just here to tell you that I’ve recently been working extra hard on getting the LittleBlocks mod ready for Minecraft 1.3.2 and I can tell you now it’s been great working on such a sought after Minecraft Mod, even though some of the fans may have dampened the mood a little with their constant requests for updates, the team remains vigilant and the following ever stalwart!



First the negative stuff

LittleBlocks will not (currently) support the placement of ‘TileEntities’ within the ‘LittleWorld’. TileEntities are blocks that contain inventory information for example Chests, Furnaces or Deployers. While this may seem a little drastic it is the intention of the SlimeVoid team to fully implement a system whereby TileEntities will be fully compatible with the LittleWorld.

LittleBlocks will not (currently) support flowing lava or water. This is due to the inefficiency of the packet system I’ve recently implemented for the LittleBlocks mod.


And now for the cool most excellent stuff

LittleBlocks will be a Forge mod! YES! This means that you are now able to install LittleBlocks alongside some of your most favourite content mods. This also means that the placement of custom blocks from other mods will be fully supported in the LittleWorld however the TileEntity restriction still applies.

LittleBlocks will be fully CreativeMP/SMP compatible: meaning you can invite your friends to view your LittleBlock creations via the new LAN modes or play with them on a dedicated Minecraft server.

LittleBlocks will be bringing the delights of fully operational Redstone Circuitry into the Multi-Player environment. So you can share your glorious miniature grand circuit designs to all your friends (and family).

LittleBlocks will primarily be a mod for designs and creation, meaning it’s geared towards being a purely aesthetic mod rather than adding additional functionality to the game.

LittleBlocks will be supplemented by my (Eury’s) own personal Modding core, which is fully compatible with the Forge and already finalized for release as 1.3.2 compatible.


All in all I think you’ll agree that it’ll be great to have the LittleBlocks mod compatible with the forge and ready for 1.3.2. Unfortunately though we don’t have a release date yet as there is still some heavy testing to be done, and we’re finding bugs everyday and fixing them usually the same day.

If you want to get involved or you’re curious on how LittleBlocks works, you can jump over to LittleBlocks on GitHub and take a look.

Good luck and Notch speed!


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New Site

Posted by on Aug 8, 2012 in News | 1,469 comments

    We are releasing our new website. We needed to change it because the old one was ugly and hard to use.  The website will have multiple purposes : give information about everything we made, especially our mods for Minecraft , create place to follow us, create a community around our mods and our servers of these mods (coming soon).

It will make us able to announce news and to showcase our new mods easily.

If you have any comments or suggestion about this new website, fell free to post them in the comments below.

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