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Back in the wonderfull world of Minecraft-modding !

Hey everyone,   After a long breakin my social and private life (yes I have one), I’m back in the development of Slimevoid’s mods. I made some changes to the website, it seems to me more “clear” like that. The forum is less bugged and categories updates.   To put me in the bath of code, I added a small feature to LittleBlocks: you can now set in the configuration file a list of illegal blocks. In the coming days I will look on the optimization and stability of LittleBlocks multiplayer. Besides that another small mod is in development, but you will know more again later!   I also want to publicly thank Eurymachus days for updating the mods all the time, you did a great job!
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  2. When will Little Blocks Mod for 1.8 come out!?

  3. Dear Mod Dev,
    I was recently surfing around in the web for additional mods for our server, and your creations really impressed me/us. This should not be an advertising, it´s more like i/we need help on implementing the little blocks mod on our server. The mod does not generate a little blocks world in the folder it creates. Therefore placing a block in the Littleblocks frame will crash the server with the exception “little world does not exist”. The Server runs a Cauldron-Service on 1.7.2 with forge. I/We would appreciate every help! Please answer soon.
    Best Regards,
    The Imperator

  4. Greetings!
    This mod concept has thrilled me, ever since I first learned about it, more than a year ago. I periodically check in to find out if there’s been an update for 1.8, but am disappointed each time.

    I am sure that you are sick of answering this question, so, please forgive my asking once more, Do you have plans to update this mod to 1.8? If so, is there an ETA? Are you even working on this mod, any more, or should I just give up on it?

    I thank you for your time and attention to my query, and look forward to your response!

    Very Sincerely,


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