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Little Blocks creation contest

Greetings everyone,

We are planning on making a new presentation video for our mod Little Blocks. In order to make it as awesome as possible we want to feature your creations.

We decided to organize a creation contest to be able to select the best creations for the video.

An entry for the contest will consist in a mail to slimevoid AT with a short description, one or multiples pictures, an archive of your Minecraft world (1.5.2 or 1.6.4) and the coordinates where we can find the creation.

You can submit multiple entries.

Each entry is either a “Redstone Entry” or a “Construction Entry”.

The mail object needs to be of the form “[RedstoneEntry]…” or “[ConstructionEntry]…”.

All submissions will be closed in one month (on 11/12/2013).

We can’t wait to look at your creations.

Edit, additional rules:

If you are using other mods you need to provide a link that gives everything needed to get the mod working and your configuration files (if you modified anything). In that case showing the compatibility between the mods you are using and Little Blocks is an important point and your submission will be evaluated in the “modded” sub-category of Redstone or Construction which means that we’ll select as much vanilla entries than modded entries.

If the interesting part of the creation is how the thing looks then it can be eligible for the construction category and if the interesting part is the redstone circuitry then it can be eligible for the redstone category. If both are interesting it can be eligible for both.

Slime Void


  1. these mod is great

    • wow suprising, this is the first GREAT mod this damn website ever made it a couple of years or months LOL >:P

  2. Just wondering how many replies you got. I’d still like to help out!!!

  3. Install little blocks mod

  4. Please help me install little blocks mod

    • Put the slimevoid library and the little blocks mod into your mods folder. If you don’t have one, you can make one.

  5. Hello. Can i make my map in 1.6.2?


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  8. Please send little blocks mod

  9. How do you download the little blocks mod

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