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New release system

Hey guys, our old way of releasing thing was messy with outdated stuff everywhere and some pages weren’t even working.

That’s why we decided to change this. Now instead of having a download page per mod we have a download page per Minecraft version holding the lastest releases of every mod for this version.

We think that it will be a lot simpler that way to handle release for us and to download them for you.

With this comes the update Little Blocks for Minecraft 1.6.4, have some nice times with that!

Thanks everyone for using our mods :)

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  1. its keep crash it can you fix it plz

  2. чсмиоя

  3. To whom it may concern:
    As I am 70 years young I have a hard time understanding the short typed way of comunicating.
    My Question to you is I have found the Dynamic Transpot Mod and wouild like to know if it has or will be updated for 1.9.4 or 1.10.
    I only play a few computer games this and 7dtd mostly.
    I loved the elevator mod on Bukett but that went south.
    Is there any way I can have an updated version of Dynamic Transport for minecraft 1.10?
    If so please let me know.
    Thank you
    Bob Helwig

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