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Wireless Redstone




The Wireless Redstone mod is known internally as the “base mod”. This means that it is required by all the mod’s addons and provides the fundamental functionality for the Wireless Redstone mod itself. It adds two new blocks to Minecraft; the Wireless Transmitter and the Wireless Receiver.

Wireless Transmitter

The Wireless Transmitter is used for translating nearby Redstone power and transmit it as a state over a predefined frequency on the “Redstone Ether”.

Wireless Receiver

The Wireless Receiver is used for fetching the state on a predefined frequency on the “Redstone Ether” and then translate it back into Redstone power on nearby blocks. Together these blocks allow you to transmit Redstone power over any vector and at any distance in the Minecraft world. Which is very useful for powering objects over a long distance or for connecting components together in tightly knit circuitry, where one would otherwise require bridging Redstone wires over each other.

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